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Spicing Things Up


There are many ways to spice-up your brew. You can add liquid flavorings at bottling time, add herbs and spice towards the end of the boil and you can add fresh fruit during secondary fermentation. All of these are great ways to add flavor or spice to your beer, however there is one more thing that you can do to either enhance or add flavor and/or spice to your beer, FLAVOR BOMB IT! The Flavor Bomb is a unique little device that allows you to add herbs, spices or even extra hops to each individual bottle of beer at bottling time and being that this device keeps your herbs, spices and hops contained in it, there is no concern with having a bunch of sediment at the bottom of you bottle and the best part is they're reusable! On top of being reusable you can mix-up an entire batch with different herbs, spices and hops. The options are endless with The Flavor Bomb, check-out these videos below to see just how easy The Flavor Bomb is to use.

Brewer's Best® Recipe Of The Month with Chef Mike's food pairing!

Santa's Little Helper Stout*

A medium-full bodied ale, rich and toasty in flavor. Victory® malt combines with the flaked brewers oatmeal to offer a nutty yet silky character, while Dark chocolate barley adds an impression of roasted coffee. Slightly sweet, the additions of Brewer’s Best® honey, ginger root and cinnamon sticks create the perfect wintertime warme.


IBUs:28 - 38

ABV: 6.3% - 7.0%

Difficulty: Intermediate





Download recipe here

Chile Rellonõ Ranchero Recipe here


*To craft this recipe you will need a Brewer's Best® Oatmeal Stout, 2 lb.Brewer's Best® Honey, 1 oz. Ginger Root, 1 oz. Cinnamon Sticks.*



Brewer's Best® Review - Check it out!

Brewer's Best® kits got a great review in the [grill, interrupted*] blog recently This is written by someone who travels the globe drinking craft beer and he still LOVED making Brewer's Best®! This is a good piece to share with your customers who may think that extract brewing is "passe" or who think that they can get any beer they want at the local brewpub or grocery store, so why bother brewing. It's all about the experience - let's not forget that!