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Brewing With Honey


Honey is a versatile, highly fermentable ingredient that can add a bit of buzz to almost any beer style, from pale pilsners and light lagers to porters, stouts and spiced beers. When people think about honey brewing, one word comes to mind: mead. The classic honey wine, drink of the druids and Vikings, mead is the heavy hitter of honey drinks. Along with variants like pyment (grape mead), cyser (apple mead) and metheglin (spiced mead), mead seems to corner the market on honey fermentation. But what else can you do with honey? Look for Brewer's Best® Pure Wildflower Honey when you start experimenting with a honey recipe. Click the link below to read more about brewing techniques using honey.



-BYO Magazine



Brewing With Honey

Brewer's Best® Recipe Of The Month with Chef Mike's food pairing!

Coconut Cream Stout*

Bold and black, yet sweet and subtle. This recipe offers all of the chocolate and roasted notes that you would expect from a stout. The addition of Lactose produces a full body and thick, creamy head. All finishing with sweet coconut tones courtesy of Brewer’s Best® Coconut flavoring.


IBUs: 31 - 34

ABV: 5.0% - 5.5%

Difficulty: Easy

Download recipe here

Download Mussels Fra Diavolo With Crispy Garlic Toast Recipe here


*To craft this recipe you will need a Brewer's Best® Milk Stout ingredient kit package and a 4 oz. Brewer's Best® Coconut Flavoring.*



Brewer's Best® Review - Check it out!

Brewer's Best® kits got a great review in the [grill, interrupted*] blog recently This is written by someone who travels the globe drinking craft beer and he still LOVED making Brewer's Best®! This is a good piece to share with your customers who may think that extract brewing is "passe" or who think that they can get any beer they want at the local brewpub or grocery store, so why bother brewing. It's all about the experience - let's not forget that!