New Dunkel Weizenbock Seasonal Recipe!

Dunkel Weizenbock

Chocolate Wheat and Munich malts combine to create a rich, malty flavor
with hints of clove and banana from the specially selected yeast. The
higher ABV is sure to warm you up as we head into the autumn season.

ABV: 6.2% - 6.7% | IBUs: 16 - 20 | Difficulty: Easy

Dunkel Weizenbock Recipe

New Tangerine Wheat One Gallon Ingredient Kit!

A refreshing fruit wheat beer recipe infused with natural tangerine flavoring extract. Effervescent
carbonation and citrusy notes excite the palate, creating a satisfying brew that will let you enjoy
the taste of summer all year long!


ABV: 3.5% - 4.0% | IBUs: 10 - 14 | Difficulty: Easy

Tangerine Wheat Recipe