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Vienna Lager Is Now Mexican Cerveza!


Vienna Lager originally started out as Mexican Cerveza XX in the Brewer's Best® line up and was eventually converted to Vienna Lager. We are going back to this kit's roots with a lighter take. We've re-worked the recipe to be a very light, refreshing brew and are proud to offer a new and improved Mexican Cerveza recipe.


Mexican Cerveza

Straw in color, our Mexican Cerveza has a crisp, clean flavor profile. Lightly hopped, with a great balance between malt and bitterness, while a small dose of lime peel adds a touch of citrus aroma. Thirst quenching, this brew is best served ice-cold with slice of lemon or lime.


ABV: 4.4% - 4.9% | IBUs: 14-18 | Difficulty: Easy