New One Gallon Kits

Equinox™ IPA

We use generous amounts of Equinox™ hops in this flavorful IPA.
The pronounced citrus and tropical fruit flavors will leave your
taste buds excited and thirsty for more.

ABV: 6.3% - 6.8% | IBUs: 50 - 54 | Difficulty: Easy

Smokey Stout

Favorable aromas of smoke and rich roasted coffee combine
nicely to create a truly distinct tasting brew. Enjoy!

ABV: 4.9% - 5.5% | IBUs: 36 - 40 | Difficulty: Easy

Small Batch Brewing With Brewer's Best®

Benefits of Brewer’s Best® One Gallon Ingredient Kits


• Low Cost: Attractively priced, Brewer’s Best® one gallon
ingredient kits come complete.


• Minimal Space Required: The smaller equipment
required allows for easy storage and handling.


• Less Risk: If you’re new to the hobby, the low cost will allow you to
experiment and have fun trying many different styles of beer.


Start Small Batch Brewing Today!


View our available recipes and get your Brewer’s Best® one gallon ingredient kit and get started. Don’t forget about equipment! Ensure you have the right tools for the job with our Brewer’s Best® One Gallon Equipment Kits. Our one gallon ingredient and equipment kits make a nice affordable gift for the hobbyist on your list.


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