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Calling All Brewers!


Brewer’s Best® is calling all brewers. We would like to get your input on what the next, new Brewer’s Best® extract ingredient kit should be, so get your recipe books out and submit your best recipe to Brewer’s Best® for consideration. Recipes must use malt extract and to have your recipe chosen it must contain ingredients that are available from LD Carlson. Once all submissions are made, we here at Brewer’s Best® will narrow down the options to the three best recipes. Then the Brewer’s Best® community will have the final say on which recipe will be the winner by voting on our Facebook page. The chosen winner’s recipe will be available as a Brewer’s Best® ingredient kit and their name and photo will be featured on the box as well as the recipe being named after them, i.e. John Smith’s Amber Ale (similar to how Sam Adams runs their Long Shot Contest.) Entry deadline is September 30, 2014. Please submit all recipes to Good luck!

Brewer's Best® Recipe Of The Month with Chef Mike's food pairing!

Vanilla Cream Ale*

An ale version of the American lager style. Clean, light and simple to brew. Faint malt notes with a hint of corn-like presence. An easy drinker. Adding vanilla bean and pairing with Chef Mike’s New Zealand Lamb Lollipops creates a perfect end of summer appetizer.


IBUs: 16 - 18

ABV: 5.25% - 5.75%

Difficulty: Easy

Download recipe here

Download New Zealand Lamb Lollipops recipe here


*To craft this recipe you will need a Brewer's Best® American Cream Ale ingredient kit package and a 1 oz. package of Brewer's Best® Vanilla Beans.*



Brewer's Best® Review - Check it out!

Brewer's Best® kits got a great review in the [grill, interrupted*] blog recently This is written by someone who travels the globe drinking craft beer and he still LOVED making Brewer's Best®! This is a good piece to share with your customers who may think that extract brewing is "passe" or who think that they can get any beer they want at the local brewpub or grocery store, so why bother brewing. It's all about the experience - let's not forget that!




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