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Brew-In-A-Bag is an extension of our "Steep-to-Convert" line of ingredient kits, designed to reflect the growing trend toward all-grain brewing. Unlike extract brewing, which uses a somewhat singular technique, there are multiple methods and equipment setups for all-grain brewing. "Brew-in-A-Bag is the easiest and most economical way for an extract brewer to stepup into all-grain brewing." "Brew Your Own", Magazine March/April 2014 edition. A few key features that make Brewer's Best® Brew-in-A-Bag the perfect choice are:


  • Ease of entry - Very little equipment is needed. With a 42 quart or larger pot, a propane burner and a nylon BIAB bag you'll be all-grain brewing in no time!
  • Simple - Homebrewers in urban dwellings will appreciate the small footprint that BIAB requires for an all-grain setup.
  • Less time consuming - With less equipment to setup and cleanup there is more time to enjoy your homebrews.


Brewer's Best® Recipe Of The Month w/ our first ever food pairing!

Belgian Tripel Play*

Nothing says springtime like the start of spring training! Start your spring off BIG with a Brewer’s Best® Belgian Tripel Play. This Belgian Tripel is spiced with premium belgian candi sugar, sweet orange peel and a splash of rose hips. Pairing this with our fresh spring salad recipe straight from Chef Mike’s cookbook is sure to be a homerun!


IBUs: 24 - 30

ABV: 8.5% - 9.0%

Difficulty: Intermediate

Download recipe here

Download spring salad recipe here


*To craft this recipe you will need a Brewer's Best® Belgian Tripel ingredient kit, a 1 oz. Brewer's Best® Sweet Orange Peel, 3 oz. package of Brewer's Best® Rose Hips and a 1 lb. Lactose.*




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