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Justin's American Altbier has a mouth watering malty character courtesy of Munich malt, highlighted by generous additions of select hops like Amarillo® and Mosaic™, which come together in harmony to create a classic Altbier style backbone with a unique and aggressive hop profile. Truly one of a kind!

ABV: 4.6% - 5.1% | IBUs: 27 - 31 | Difficulty: Easy

Brewer's Best® Brewing Tips

Stuck Fermentations

What is a stuck fermentation? Brewers generally use the term "stuck fermentation" to mean a fermentation that started normally, but then stopped at a gravity significantly higher than the targeted gravity. But I think I should include in this discussion fermentations that either have not started, or have started very slowly, since these are fermentations that have "stuck" right from the beginning. Some of the causes of these problems may be similar or at least closely related, but the means of getting fermentation satisfactorily under way may be different, so I shall deal with them separately.

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