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All-Grain Brewing Has Never Been So Easy!


We extract brewers all have a friend who’s a hardcore brewer who only brews traditional all-grain batches of beer. Let's be honest -- not only is the equipment intimidating, but the technical knowledge needed can be scary as well. Feeling adventurous? Well there's never been a better time to take the plunge into all-grain brewing than with a technique that has revolutionized all-grain brewing -- Brew-In-A-Bag. A method of all-grain brewing that originated in Australia, BIAB has taken what seems to be a very tedious and time consuming method of brewing, simplified it, and made it easy for all levels of brewers to start all-grain brewing. With little knowledge of the all-grain brewing process needed and almost no additional equipment to be purchased, all-grain brewing has never been so easy. Here at Brewer's Best® we want to help those who are wary of all-grain brewing take that next step, with our line of Brewer's Best® Brew-In-A-Bag ingredient kits. No recipe formulation needed, these all-grain recipes are measured to perfection and craft fantastic beers that will stand strong beside any traditional all-grain brewed beer. With six delicious recipes to choose from we're sure that you can find one that suits your taste. The only equipment requirements for our Brew-In-A-Bag recipes are your standard brewing equipment, a 40 quart or larger brew pot, a nylon BIAB bag, and just a few hours of your day, that's it! These kits are very rewarding, and with less time needed to brew you have more time to spend enjoying your brews! Below is a link to one of our Brewer's Best® Brew-In-A-Bag recipe instructions. Please feel free view it and see just how easy this process is.


Brewer's Best® American IPA Brew-In-A-Bag recipe instructions

Brewer's Best® Recipe Of The Month with Chef Mike's food pairing!

Honey Porter*

A classic dark ale featuring chocolate and de-bittered black specialty grains. A nice, hoppy character is balanced well against this roasty, full-bodied beer. The addition of Brewer’s Best® Honey adds complexity and a touch of sweetness to this already flavorful brew. Enjoy!


IBUs: 28 - 31

ABV: 6.4% - 6.9%

Difficulty: Easy

Download recipe here

Download Oysters Rockefeller recipe here


*To craft this recipe you will need a Brewer's Best® Robust Porter ingredient kit package and a 2 lb. jar of Brewer's Best® Honey.*



Brewer's Best® Review - Check it out!

Brewer's Best® kits got a great review in the [grill, interrupted*] blog recently This is written by someone who travels the globe drinking craft beer and he still LOVED making Brewer's Best®! This is a good piece to share with your customers who may think that extract brewing is "passe" or who think that they can get any beer they want at the local brewpub or grocery store, so why bother brewing. It's all about the experience - let's not forget that!




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